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Products and Services

Products and Services

PI Financial Corp. provides a wide range of private client services and products including:

  • The full spectrum of investment accounts for all types of investors – including US and Canadian currency accounts, cash accounts, margin accounts, RRSP, RRIF, LIF, IPP and locked-in RSPs.
  • One of Canada's lowest cost self-directed RRSP accounts
  • Access to all North American markets
  • Fixed income products, mutual funds, tax advantaged investments, options and derivative products
  • Access to PI (and National Bank Financial) individual company research reports and updates, as well as industry reports, with a focus on specific markets.
  • Access to equity and fixed income new issue products.
  • Access to venture capital opportunities, including private placements, through our corporate finance/investment banking team.
  • Your choice of account from fee based to traditional commission based.
  • On-line access to account and research information.
  • Life insurance products through our affiliated life insurance subsidiary, PI Financial Services Corp.*

*Recommendations, solicitations, or advice can only be provided by a PI Financial Services licensed insurance advisor.

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